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AlB2-Aluminum boride

  • Molecular formula: AlB2
  • Melting point: 1655 ℃
  • Density: 3.19g/cm3
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■ Specifications

 Production Information:

Aluminum diboride (AlB2) is a red solid under normal temperature and pressure. It loses its surface gloss when heated and is stable in cold dilute acid. Decomposes in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It is one of two compounds of aluminum and boron, and the other is AlB12, which is usually called aluminum boride. Aluminum 12 is a black and shiny monoclinic crystal with a specific gravity of 2.55 (18°C). It is insoluble in water, acid, and alkali, and decomposes in hot nitric acid.

■ Technical Data


AlB2-technical parameter


XRD of ALB2-2018.04.11


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