TiC -Titanium carbide

  • Molecular weight : 59.91
  • Theoretical carbon content: 20.05%
  • Colour: Gray
  • Density : 4.93g/cm3
  • Melting point: 3160ºC
  • Boiling point: 4300ºC
■ Specifications

 Product overview:

Titanium carbide is typical transition metal carbides of high hardness, high melting point, wear resistance, and electrical conductivity.  Its binary, ternary and quaternary compound solid solution, formed  with tungsten carbide, tantalum carbide, niobium carbide, titanium nitride, can be used as coating material, welding material, hard thin film materials, military aviation materials, cemented carbide and cermet, etc.

Performance characteristics:

1, High purity: the highest purity can reach 99.99%, XRD detected no impurity phase, GDMS detected low metal impurities content elements;

2, Small particle size: the minimum particle size of 20-40nm;

3. Concentrated distribution: standard normal distribution of particle size, no bimodal or multi-modal.

4. Typical Products:

1Standard 1-3um (D10 > 1.0um, D50:1.2 ~ 1.8um, D90 < 3.0um, 80% particle size concentrated in the range of 1-3um)

210-60um cermet powder (D10 > 10.0um, D50:20 ~ 30um, D90 < 60.0um, 80% particle size concentrated in the range of 10-60um)



■ Technical Data
TiC-technical parameters-
Theta phase analysis of TiC-20200505_00
Size Distribution Report of TiC(D50=248.6nm)20210615_00
Size Distribution Report of TiC(D50=0.36um)20200617_00


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