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  • ZrB2-Zirconium diboride
  • HfSi2-Hafnium silicide
  • LaB6-Lanthanum hexaboride
  • ZrC -Zirconium carbide
  • HfC-Hafnium carbide
  • HfB2-Hafnium diboride

    The present paper gives the results of investigations carried out on the effect of HfB2 addition on the densification and properties of B4C by hot-pressing method.

  • Application of borides in battery cathode materials

    The development of alternative energy storage systems with high energy density, long cycle life, and low cost has become an urgent focus of the scientific community. As an "electron-deficient" element with high electronegativity, boron not o

  • Research progress of HfB2+SiC composites

    hen HB2 is used above 1800 °C, filler modification must be carried out to improve the antioxidant performance. Adding SiC can improve the oxidation resistance of HfB2 at 1300~1500℃.

  •  CrN and Cr2N difference and the production

    Metal chromium and nitrogen will form metal chromium nitriding substances with different nitrogen contents under different conditions. Common metal chromium nitrides are CrN and Cr2N, which are called chromium nitrides. Both chromium nitrid

  • Synthesis of boride powder by induction heating and its function in carbon composite refractory

    The composite powders of CaB6 and boride (CaB6-LaB6, CaB6-ZrB2, CaB6-B4C and ZrB2-B4C) were synthesized by carbothermic reduction under induction heating conditions; the calcium boride and boride composite powders were introduced into the I

  • Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

    Ultra High Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) are good choices for several extreme applications: thermal protection materials on hypersonic aerospace vehicles or re-usable atmospheric re-entry vehicles, specific components for propulsion, furnace

  • Solvent extraction of hafnium

    The technology for separation of zirconium and hafnium is the key to prepare nuclear grade productions of zirconium and hafnium. Zirconium and hafnium are normally associated together in nature (m(Hf)/m(Zr+Hf) is 1%3%) and difficult to sepa

  • Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics

    The design of hypersonic flight vehicles is characterized by stringent requirements like achieving sharp leading edges to maximize lift-to-drag ratios while experiencing extreme external gas temperatures, which can reach upwards of 10,000K.

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