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Ti-Spherical Titanium powder

  • Molecular formula: Ti
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■ Specifications

 Titanium main application:high-pure spherical titanium powder can be used for 3D printing laser/electron beam additive manufacturing (SLM/EBM), direct laser deposition (DLD), powder hot isostatic pressing (HIP), metal injection molding (MIM), cold/thermal spraying coating and other processes.

main properties:Our company uses the full-process non-contact, non-polluting electrode induction melting gas atomization method (EIGA) to prepare high purity, high sphericity titanium alloy powder, which has a high degree of spherical shape, less satellite spheres, high purity, and low oxygen content. It has the characteristics of good fluidity, and the particle size distribution can be customized according to customer requirements, which fully meets the individual needs of users, and effectively solves the shortcomings of serious hollow spheres, many inclusions, and uneven particle size.

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