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NiB-Nickel boride

  • Molecular weight: 186.87
  • Colour: Off-white
  • Boron content: ≥5.7%
  • Density: 7.39g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1020℃
  • Boiling point: 1850℃
■ Specifications

Production Information:

Nickel boride is an inorganic compound with the general formula NixBy. There are mainly two kinds of nickel boride NiB, Ni3B and Ni2B. Nickel boride was originally used as a catalyst for various reactions in a hydrogen atmosphere. It is used as a reactant and catalyst in the reaction. The main advantages of nickel boride are high hardness, good catalytic effect, high chemical stability, and good selectivity and reactivity in liquid phase reactions

1. Performance Character :High purity, XRD detect no impurity phase, GDMS detect low metal impurity element content;

■ Technical Data


NiB-technical parameter
XRD of Ni3B-2018.03.21


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