Application of zirconium nitride in different industries

   Zirconium nitride is a hard ceramic material similar to titanium nitride and a refractory material similar to cement. Therefore, it is used for refractory materials, cermet, and aboratory crucibles. When the physical vapor deposition coating process is used for coating, it is often used to coat medical equipment, industrial parts (especially drill bits), automotive and aerospace parts, and other parts that are susceptible to high wear and corrosive environments. When alloying with Al, the electronic structure develops from the local octahedral bond symmetry of cubic ZrN, which distorts as the Al content increases, becoming more complex bonding and higher hardness.


  Zirconium nitride is used as a hard coating for drills and burs. These coatings are deposited by physical vapor deposition. Zirconium nitride-coated tools are suitable for non-ferrous metal applications, such as the machining of aluminum alloys, brass, copper alloys, and titanium.


  Zirconium nitride can also be used as a lining for hydrogen peroxide fuel tanks in rockets and airplanes.