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  • With larger surface energy, zirconium powder is easy to burst into flames in the air, generally used as the carrier rocket fuel, bullets ammunition additives of bullets, and automobile airbag detonator. Our company can produce ultra-fine zi

  • As Carbon/carbon composite (C/C) has more superior high temperature thermal physical and mechanical properties than other materials, it has been taken as the preferred material of solid rocket engine throat liner. In the process of engine w

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  • Nov 04

    October 27-29, 2020, sponsored by the China surface engineering association thermal spraying branch, yixing raw green chemical co., LTD., to undertake the 23rd international hot spraying workshop (ITSS '2020) and the 24th national thermal s

  • Oct 22

    In October 2020, 703 Institute of Beijing Aerospace First Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation came to the factory for inspection and external audit.

  • Sep 29

    In September 2020, our company was invited to attend the industry-University-Research meeting of carbon-based materials industry in The second Tan Business Conference held in Shaoshan. The big players of new materials in the province gather