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CEO Mr.Peng got the advanced individual in 2022 Xiangtan High-tech Zone Work Promotion Conference


 The 2022 Xiangtan High-tech Zone Work Promotion Conference was held at Xiangtan High-tech Zone on 11t March 2022. About 100 people including all the cadres and staff of the High-tech Zone, members of the high-tech investment team and department heads, heads of 30 key enterprises in the zone, commendees, investment ambassadors, and investment consultants participated the meeting.
10 advanced individuals were commend for scientific and technological innovation, pay tribute to the scientific and technological workers of enterprises who have made outstanding contributions to the progress of national science and technology in 2021, and call on all technical research and development personnel to take their achievements as a starting point and role models as their strength, and then climb to a new peak of scientific and technological innovation .
In a warm atmosphere, Peng Zhiming, chairman of Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., as the award-winning representative, made an important speech, fully affirming the company's scientific and technological innovation achievements in recent years. Peng Zhiming pointed out that innovation is the only way to achieve global first-class, and it is to comply with the inevitable requirements of industry technology development. It is necessary to create an optimal innovation ecology and enhance its core competitiveness; Advance in the field, march to the peak of science and technology, challenge the world's first-class, and make new and greater contributions to the realization of corporate strategic goals.


Chairman of Huawei Jingcheng Material
advanced staff