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  • ZrB2-Zirconium diboride
  • HfSi2-Hafnium silicide
  • LaB6-Lanthanum hexaboride
  • ZrC -Zirconium carbide
  • HfC-Hafnium carbide
  • HfB2-Hafnium diboride

A ceramic-based friction material


 A ceramic-based friction material refers to a friction material that adds a certain proportion of ceramic components or oxides with ceramic properties and exhibits partial ceramic properties as a whole. It is generally composed of ceramic fibers, iron-free filler substances, adhesives and a small amount of metal, and is a new type of friction material. At present, the research on ceramic tribology at home and abroad mainly focuses on a few ceramic materials such as SiC, Si3N4, Al2O3, BN and ZrO2. Among them, C/C-SiC composite materials and Al2O3 ceramic friction materials are the most widely used, and C/BN composite materials have more potential for development in friction materials.


ZrSi2 Powder brake disk