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Application of SiC chapter one-abrasives


Due to its super-hard properties, it can be prepared into various grinding wheels, emery cloth, sandpaper and various abrasives, which are widely used in the machining industry. Industrial silicon carbide in my country is mainly used for abrasives. Abrasives made of black silicon carbide(SiC) are mostly used to cut and grind materials with low tensile strength, such as glass, ceramics, stones and refractories. They are also used for cast iron parts and non-ferrous metals. Grinding of materials. Grinding tools made of green silicon carbide are mostly used for the grinding of hard alloys, titanium alloys, and optical glass. They are also used for the honing of cylinder liners and the fine grinding of high-speed steel tools. Cubic silicon carbide (SiC)is specially used for ultra-precision grinding of miniature bearings. The oilstone made of W3 .5 cubic silicon carbide (SiC)powder is used for super-precision grinding of bearings (material ZGCrl5). Among other abrasive grains, cubic silicon carbide has the highest processing efficiency.2.Refractory materials


The amount of silicon carbide (SiC)used as refractory material in foreign countries is greater than that used as abrasive. my country is also expanding its application in this area. According to the habits of foreign manufacturers, refractory black silicon carbide is usually divided into three grades: ① High-grade refractory black silicon carbide. The chemical composition requirements of this brand are exactly the same as black silicon carbide for abrasives. It is mainly used to manufacture high-grade silicon carbide (SiC)products, such as recrystallized silicon carbide (SiC)products, gas turbine components, nozzles, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide (SiC)parts, and blast furnace high-temperature zone linings. Materials, high-temperature kiln components, high-temperature kiln-installed kiln supports, refractory saggers, etc. ②Secondary refractory material black silicon carbide, containing more than 90% silicon carbide. Mainly used to manufacture kiln components resistant to moderate high temperature, such as muffle furnace lining materials. In addition to using the heat resistance and thermal conductivity of silicon carbide(SiC), these components also use its chemical stability in many occasions. ③ Low-grade refractory black silicon carbide(SiC), whose silicon carbide (SiC)content is required to be greater than 83%, is mainly used for linings in tapping troughs, hot metal ladle, zinc smelting and sponge iron manufacturing industries.