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  • ZrB2-Zirconium diboride
  • HfSi2-Hafnium silicide
  • LaB6-Lanthanum hexaboride
  • ZrC -Zirconium carbide
  • HfC-Hafnium carbide
  • HfB2-Hafnium diboride

Ultra-high temperature borides:hafnium boride and zirconium boride


 Ultra-high temperature borides mainly include hafnium boride (HfB2), zirconium boride (ZrB2), tantalum boride (TaB2) and titanium boride (TiB2), etc. At present, zirconium boride (ZrB2) and hafnium boride (HfB2) The research is the most concentrated. Boride ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) are composed of strong covalent bonds, which have the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, high strength, low evaporation rate, high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, but the characteristics of strong covalent bonds lead to It has the disadvantage of being difficult to sinter and densify. In order to improve its sintering performance and density, it can be solved by increasing the surface energy of the reactants, reducing the grain boundary energy of the products, increasing the bulk diffusivity of the material, accelerating the material transfer rate, and improving the mass transfer kinetics.

Our company provide high- quality HfB2 and ZrB2.

1. High purity: the highest purity can reach 99.99%, XRD detect no impurity phase, GDMS detect low metal impurity element content;

2. Small particle size: the smallest particle size is 30-50nm;

3. Concentrated distribution: standard normal particle size distribution, no bimodal or multimodal.