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Hafnium Carbide HfC Powder Application

Hafnium Carbide HfC Powder:

Hafnium carbide (HfC) is a compound of carbon and hafnium.Its melting point is about 3900°C,which is one of the most refractory binary compounds known.However, its oxidation resistance is very low,and oxidation starts at temperatures as low as 430°C.


Hafnium carbide

 Hafnium carbide is a black,gray,brittle solid;high cross-section absorbs thermal neutrons;resistivity 8.8μohm·cm;the most refractory binary material known;hardness 2300kgf/mm2;used in nuclear reactor control rods;It is prepared by heating HfO2 with oil soot under H2 at 1900°C-2300°C.It is used in the form of the crucible to melt oxide and other oxides.

 An improved spark plasma sintering (SPS) device was used to synthesize ultrafine carbonized ha powder through the carbothermal reduction reaction of HfO2 at 1600°C.The synthetic powder has a fine particle size of about 125 nm and low oxygen content of less than 0.5% by weight.Except for Zr,the powder purity is> 99.9%;when it contains Zr impurities,the powder purity is 99.6%.Due to the low synthesis temperature,rapid heating/cooling rate and the current influence during the improved SPS process,intermediate reactions and particle growth are minimized.A relatively large amount of HfC powder can be synthesized by a new synthesis method (>175 g/day).After sintering the synthesized powder by SPS at 2300°C for 30 minutes under a pressure of 100 MPa,HfC ceramics with high relative density (>96%) were obtained.Feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price if you would like to buy Hafnium Carbide HfC Powder in bulk.

Hafnium Carbide Powder,a gray metallic solid,is the highest melting point of a single compound,and is a good material for the lining of high melting point metal smelting;it has a high melting point, high hardness,good high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance.Excellent characteristics such as better and lower thermal conductivity,can be used as an additive for cemented carbide,widely used in the field of cutting tools and molds;also suitable for rocket nozzle materials,can be used in the nose cone of rockets,often used in the aerospace field,It can also be used in nozzles,high-temperature linings,arcs or electrodes for electrolysis;it can also be used in nuclear reactor control rods.

Application of Hafnium Carbide HfC Powder :

Hafnium carbide (HfC) has the highest melting point of any known binary alloy and therefore has many high-temperature applications.It is considered a candidate for extremely high-temperature applications,such as rocket nozzles and scramjet components.Carbonization can also be used in hard coatings,usually applied by processes such as plasma spraying.In addition,HfC structural foam can be made into high-temperature components or used as thermal insulation materials.

 Hafnium carbide (HfC) whose melting point exceeds 3890°C is a refractory binary compound.HfC and NBC can also be used as refractory coatings in nuclear reactors.The mixed carbide Ta4HfC5 has the highest melting point at 4215°C.

1.Hafnium carbide can be used as an additive for cemented carbide, widely used in the field of cutting tools and molds;

2 Hafnium carbide applicable to the rocket nozzle material, can be used in the nose cone of the rocket, applied in the aerospace field, and can also be applied to the nozzle, high temperature lining, arc or electrode for electrolysis;

3.Hafnium carbide used in nuclear reactor control rods. It is an ideal metal for making nuclear reactor control rods;

4.Used to prepare ultra-high temperature ceramics;

5.Reactant for synthesizing hafnium-containing organometallic polymer;

6.For coating.