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Thermal spraying special powder - coarse-grain hafnium dibor

Thermal spraying technology refers to the method that the spraying material is heated into molten or semi-molten status through the heat source, and then sprayed at a certain speed and deposited to the pretreated substrate surface to form the coating. Thermal spraying has a variety of technological processes, such as plasma spraying, arc spraying, flame spraying, detonation spraying, etc. 

Our company mainly produce special spraying powder materials, Such as coarse-grain hafnium carbide, coarse-grain zirconium carbide, coarse-grain hafnium diboride, coarse-grain zirconium diboride, etc., of which the mesh is 20-40um (<20um, ≯5%; >40um, ≯5%) and -120/+200 mesh, with high purity, concentrated grain size distribution and nearly spherical powder morphology, and other characteristics, mainly used as thermal barrier coating in aerospace field. 

Example: The inner wall of extended segment of rocket engine exhaust nozzle of certain model bears the erosion of high temperature flame flow with the temperature of more than 1500 ℃ for tens of seconds to hundreds of seconds when working; Adopting plasma spraying of HfB2 as thermal barrier coating for protection, the test shows HfB2 coating can effectively reduce ablation speed of inner wall in the exhaust nozzle.