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Vacuum Vapor Deposition Furnace

  • Working furnace temperature: 1600℃
  • Temperature control accuracy: ≤±10℃
  • Final vacuum: ≤6.67Pa
  • Vacuum voltage rise rate: ≤0.67Pa/h
  • Pump-down time: Atmospheric pressure to 10Pa, 10 minutes
  • Rated power supply : 3-phase AC380
■ Specifications

1. Purposes:

This series of vacuum vapor deposition furnace is especially for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of cellular materials (C/C materials), silicon/carbon composite materials and anode material surface modification cladding etc. It is also applicable to manufacture various thin film coating and functional thin film materials with special mechanical property (e.g. superhardness, high resistance against corrosion, heat and oxidization etc). There are two furnace structures: horizontal type and vertical type.

2. Characteristics: 

1) even heating and reliable thermal insulation and temperature measurement:

The temperature evenness in vacuum can be ensured owing to reasonable thermal field design, quality materials and branded temperature measurement and control element.

2) Super strong filtration and dust collection & treatment effect:

The furnace can conduct spraying, condensation gathering and off gas burning etc. for different by-products. The off gas includes high corrosivity off gas (HCI etc.), inflammability off gas (CO\H2), solid dust off gas (carbon dust etc.), and low melting viscosity products (pitch and resin) and so on. The dust collection system adopts the unique structure developed by our company; the system is integrated with dust storage, filtration, coarse purification, fine purification and many other functions.

3) Perfect vacuum system:

The air-tightness of vacuum is ensured at any state. The furnace pressure is controlled at fixed value or via program. With partial pressure sintering adopted, the air-tightness and quality of the product is improved.

4) Advanced auto control and reliable safety interlocking:

The core components (imported intelligent temperature controller, silicon-controlled voltage regulator, low voltage transformer and paperless recorder) constitute the electronic control system, which boasts power supply, control, monitoring, record and alarm protection.

■ Technical Data
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