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Vacuum Sintering Furnace

  • Working furnace temperature: 2600℃
  • Temperature control accuracy: ≤±5℃
  • Temperature increase rate: Room temperature to 2600℃,360 minutes
  • Rated power supply : 3-phase AC380 50Hz
  • Vacuum voltage rise rate: ≤0.67Pa/h
  • Pump-down time: Atmospheric pressure to 20Pa, 20 minutes
■ Specifications

1. Purposes:

The vacuum sintering furnace is mainly for sintering of stainless steel base, hard alloy, superalloy, high proportion alloy, ceramic materials, magnetic materials and filtering materials etc. The saturated vapor pressure of various metallic oxides in vacuum is extremely low. This can urge the decomposition and exclusion of oxides. In this way, the treated part surface is of high radiance.

2. Characteristics:

1) even heating and reliable thermal insulation and temperature measurement:

The temperature evenness in vacuum can be ensured owing to reasonable thermal field design, quality materials and branded temperature measurement and control element.

2) Perfect vacuum system:

The air-tightness of vacuum is ensured at any state. The furnace pressure is controlled at fixed value or via program. With partial pressure sintering adopted, the air-tightness and quality of the product is improved. with condensing filter equipped, the metal volatile steam, sundries and slight dust in the furnace can be removed by filtration. This lengthens the service life of vacuum pump.

3) Advanced auto control and reliable safety interlocking:

The core components (imported intelligent temperature controller, silicon-controlled voltage regulator, low voltage transformer and paperless recorder) constitute the electronic control system, which boasts power supply, control, monitoring, record and alarm protection.

4) High-efficiency rapid cooling system:

with the high-efficient heat transfer technique, rapid and even cooling can be achieved. It takes less than 180min to make the temperature drop to 150 from 950.

■ Technical Data


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