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YSi2-Yttrium silicide

  • Molecular formula: YSi2
  • Density: 4.39 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1760 °C
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■ Specifications

 Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei jingcheng") was founded in 2013,located in  CLP software park of Changsha high-tech development zone. It is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and application of zirconium and hafnium (IVB) rare earth metals and its binary compound or poly-compound compounds (carbides, nitrides, silicides, boride) of nanometer and submicron ceramic powder and its related products .  Huawei Jingcheng is the most dedicated and professional company in making zirconium, hafnium and rare earth special powder materials in China.

Rare earth boride powder can be customized: lanthanum hexaboride, cerium hexaboride, praseodymium hexaboride, neodymium hexaboride, samarium hexaboride, europium hexaboride, dysprosium hexaboride, ytterbium hexaboride, gadolinium hexaboride.

Rare earth nitride powder can be customized: lanthanum nitride, cerium nitride, praseodymium nitride, neodymium nitride, samarium nitride, europium nitride, dysprosium nitride, yttrium nitride, gadolinium nitride.

Rare earth silicide powder can be customized: lanthanum disilicide, cerium disilicide, praseodymium disilicide, neodymium disilicide, samarium disilicide, europium disilicide, dysprosium disilicide, ytterbium disilicide, gadolinium disilicide.


■ Technical Data

YSi2-technical parameter





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