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VSi2-Vanadium disilicide

  • Molecular formula: VSi2
  • Density: 4.42g/cm3
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■ Specifications

 product introduction:

Vanadium disilicide (VSi2), metal prism crystal, relative density 4.42, insoluble in cold water and hot water, soluble in hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in ethanol, ether and acid.

1. Used to make acid-resistant and refractory materials;

2. Preparation of vanadium diasilicide thin film, which has low resistivity and good thermal stability.

Vanadium diasilicide is used to prepare sound-absorbing ceramic materials, and a surface layer with sound-absorbing properties is coated on the surface of the substrate layer, which not only has sound-absorbing function, but also has good dust-proof and fire-proof properties.

Performance character:

XRD detect no impurity phase.

■ Technical Data


VSi2-technical parameter


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