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ReSi2-Rhenium silicide

  • Molecular formula: ReSi2
  • Density: 10.661 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 2000 °C
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■ Specifications

 product introduction:

Rhenium can improve the creep strength of nickel superalloys, which can be used to make jet engine combustion chambers, turbine blades and exhaust nozzles. Rhenium nickel alloy is the core material of modern jet engine blades, turbine disks and other important structural parts. The use of rhenium can not only improve the performance of nickel-based superalloys; it can also produce alloys for single crystal blades. The effects of these two aspects can make the turbine (especially the high-pressure turbine) work at a higher temperature.

Rhenium disilicide (ReSi2) is a boron-containing additive with anti-oxidation, anti-erosion, and improved thermal strength. It is widely used in nuclear industry, aerospace high-temperature materials, new superconducting materials and other fields.

Performance character: XRD detect no impurity phase.

■ Technical Data


ReSi2-technical parameter


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