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High pure hafnium

  • Molecular weight: 178.49
  • Colour: silver white
  • zirconium content: <0.5%,1.0%
  • Density: 13.31g/cm3
  • Melting point: 2227℃
  • Boiling point: 4602℃
■ Specifications

1. Appearance and description:

High purity hafnium is also known as the crystalline hafnium, it is the sliver metal crystal with metallic luster.

2. Product properties:

It ensures good anti-corrosive property, it is not susceptible to the erosion of acid and alkali solution, soluble in hydrofluoric acid to form a fluoride complexes. At high temperature, hafnium can be directly combined with oxygen, nitrogen and other gases to form the oxide and nitride ; Hafnium is stable in the air, powdered hafnium is easy to burn; the capture cross section of hafnium thermal neutron is large, hafnium with prominent nuclear power, it is indispensable rare materials to develop the atomic energy industry.
3. Application:
It is mainly for the production of hafnium alloy material, because hafnium has fast endothermic and exothermic performance
(1 times faster than zirconium and titanium), thus it can be made the structural material of jet engines and missiles. The refractory of hafnium, making it can be used as the turbojet aircraft vane, used in freezing the point pressure jet engine. Also can be used to make valve, nozzle and other high temperature parts.

4. Packaging:

High strength wooden case: the bags lined with double layer plastic pressurized sealing, 50 kg/wooden case, or According to customer special requirements for packaging.(Test report, please see the right picture)

■ Technical Data


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