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Mo2C-Molybdenum carbide

  • Molecular weight: 203.88
  • Theoretical carbon content: 5.89%
  • Colour: Dark gray
  • Density: 8.90g/cm3
  • Mohs hardness: 7-8
  • Melting point : 2690ºC
■ Specifications

Molybdenum carbide is a dark-grey colored metal powder with a compact hexagonal crystal. As a new functional material with very high fusing point and hardness, good thermal and mechanical stability and superb anticorrosive feature, it is applied widely in heat resistant, anti-frication and chemical corrosion resistant fields and so forth. With an electronic structure and catalytic properties similar to noble metal and as a kind of catalase, it can also be extensively applied in organic and chemical industries.
     Mo2C Widely uses in response like response and so on alkane isomerization which, unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurizing and denitrogenation has the hydrogen to participation catalysts, serves as the ultra hard tool material, the anti-friction material, the heating element material as well as the high temperature structural material.

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