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Cr3C2-Chromium carbide

  • Molecular weight : 180.02
  • Colour: gray
  • Theoretical carbon content: 13.34%
  • Density : 6.68 g/cm3
  • Melting point: 1890ºC
  • Boiling point: 3800ºC
■ Specifications

Chromium carbide is gray powder with rhombic system structure, which is indissoluble in water and resistant to acid and alkali. It is high melting-point inorganic material with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation at elevated temperature1000~1100℃,  and is expansively used as thermal spray material to protect the metal surface, and as additive to fine the cemented carbide crystal and some other wear-resistant and corrosion—resistant organ as well. Cr3C2 cermet has excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperature. The cermets surface only will darken in some sort after exposed at 980℃ for 5 hours. However, 18-8 stainless steel destroyed obviously and the WC-6Co alloy oxidized entirely at same condition.

  The chromium carbide compound by our company based on new techniques is featured with high purity, even size distribution, large specific area, high surface activity and low apparent density, etc., Chromium carbide special for welding materials with good mobility and superfine and ultrapure chromium carbide with particle size less than 1.0um are core products of our company. 

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