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CeB6-Cerium hexaboride

  • Molecular formula: CeB6
  • Density: 4.8 g/cm³
  • Crystal structure: Cubic
  • Melting point: 2552 °C; 4625 °F; 2825 K
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■ Specifications

 Production Information:

Cerium hexaboride (CeB6) is a cathode material with extremely high electron emissivity due to its lower work function. It is more resistant to carbon pollution and has a longer life span than lanthanum boride cathodes. It is widely used in electron microscopes, microwave tubes, and electronics. Beam etching, electron beam welding, X-ray tube and free electron laser and other fields.

Rare earth hexaboride powder can be customized: lanthanum hexaboride, cerium hexaboride, praseodymium hexaboride, neodymium hexaboride, samarium hexaboride, europium hexaboride, dysprosium hexaboride, yttrium hexaboride, hexaboride Ytterbium, gadolinium hexaboride.Production Introduction:

Performance Character:

1. High purity: the highest purity can reach 99.99%, XRD detect no impurity phase, GDMS detect low metal impurity element content;

2. Concentrated distribution: standard normal particle size distribution, no bimodal or multimodal.

■ Technical Data


CeB6-technical parameter
XRD of CeB6-2021.01.12


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